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Button-down shirts for big busts?

It’s Christmas, so naturally I’m thinking about office dress... Anyways, I’m 32F and at my wits’ end re: shirts with buttons. I try shirts on, they look fine as long as I’m standing still in the fitting room - and then I get the dreaded peek-a-boob the second I actually move around. I’ve tried buying a size or two up, but somehow the same thing happens even when there’s lots of loose fabric around. I’ve stitched shirts together in the front, which works to a point, until the stitches rip or I just end up with multiple small gaps rather than one big one. Incidentally, I also struggle with non-buttoned tops made of thin fabric because they sometimes cling to my boobs and show off a bit more than I’d like.

Short of wearing a shirt five sizes too big, what can I do? Any brands you’d recommend? Alternatives to traditional button-downs?


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