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So, despite my grand title and noble birth—I am a simple lady. An atheist who celebrates Christmas solely for childhood nostalgia, I make an effort to keep Christmas modest for my family. My nuclear family and I do not exchange gifts because we are all adults and we can buy our own shit. Monsieur and I celebrate $10 Christmas, as such parameters force us to be creative and adorable. That brings us to Le Petit Comte—we like buy about 5 gifts and all of them between $5 and $25. That's enough gifts to be exciting, but not so many that we feel we are spoiling him too much.

But here's the thing... Look at that motherfucking toy rocket.

How COOL is that? And if you go to the Melissa and Doug website, you find yourself in a wonderland of creative wooden hipster toys! And if you go to Toys R Us, you find a doll that looks a lot like the one he fell in love with at the children's museum! And there are stuffed animals that look SO MUCH LIKE REAL ANIMALS AND HE LOVES ANIMALS.


All this is to say—shopping for small children is so much fun, and while we somehow manage to keep it not horrifying (we aim for $50 limit) I can see how people to in-fucking-sane at this time of the year.

What about you guys? Find anything fun for the kiddies in your life?

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