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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Buy My Cheap RT Ticket to Paris! Dates April 18th-28th from JFK

Hey all! I have posted here before about this super, super unfortunate event. Basically, I'm a teacher in New Haven, I bought a ticket to Paris for spring break, booked the wrong stinkin' dates, contacted the airline 'Aer Lingus', they communicated that it would cost $800 to change the ticket to the correct dates ($400 for ticket change fee+difference in fare) but only $150 to change the name on the reservation. So I bought another ticket in hopes that I would sell my ticket and lose a negligible amount of money rather than a full $800!!! I had a woman who wanted to buy the ticket but she backed out at the last minute so now I have this ticket to Paris I can't use. I'd like to recover at least a little bit of the money and have someone use this ticket! I'm selling for $750 obo which is SUPER reduced from what I paid for it. So you know that trip to Paris you've always wanted to go on? Here's your chance! Go to Paris!! You know you want to!


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