Hi Jezzies! I bought a roundtrip ticket to Paris for my spring break this year, but I just realized that I have the WRONG DATES!! My spring break is actually the week before so now I have this ticket that I can't use, but I can transfer the name for $168 (that I'll take care of). The flight is an Aer Lingus flight from JFK-Charles De Gaulle. I am selling it for $900. Please contact me by sending me a message if you are interested in purchasing. I just really want to sell it! I live in Connecticut, but if you live in NYC, I will personally come to you and we can do the whole switcheroo in case you think this is sketchy. I just really need to buy another ticket because the GOTDAMN airline is trying to charge upwards of $800 just to change the dates!

You know you want to go to Paris! You KNOW you want to! Look, don't I look so happy to be there? This could be YOU!