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We made an offer on a house a couple of weeks ago and didn't get it. My prayers are always for the universe to arrange for the best outcome. Well, Friday we saw a house that has almost the same floorplan with an extra bedroom/den, another half bath, enclosed back porch, bricked back yard, outdoor workshop with heat and air, new carpet, and some fantastic '70s bobble pattern flooring in the kitchen. It's a HUD, so we know that the price was a solid appraisel. It needs lots of light fixtures, new locks and knob for the front door or maybe just a new door. It has ugly wood panaling in the livingroom and kitchen, so we would probably use the smaller front room until I can fix it. We dont have that much furniture anyway.

Anyway, we made an offer and I found out this morning that it was accepted. Now we just have to get through inspections, contracts, and finalizing our loan. I feel like I am going to hurl.


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