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Buzzfeed Quiz Time: Guess your age based on your taste in books

Once again, it is time for a VERY IMPORTANT BUZZFEED QUIZ!!!! This one seeks to determine your age based on your taste in books. This quiz is obviously wizardry, because it guessed my age as 28, and *counts on fingers to make sure* that is how old I am!

You got: 28

You've read your fair share of books but are ready to delve into even more. You've probably fallen in love with a few books, but don't be surprised if you keep finding new ones that take your breath away — there are still so many great books out there that you haven't read yet!


The only part of it I don't like is also something that is a really stupid personal pet peeve of mine. THE NUMBER OF BOOKS YOU OWN DOES NOT DETERMINE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE READING! I have read lots of books (though not many lately, which is something that I'm trying to figure out why and work on). But, I only own one book shelf full of books, the top shelf of that is art, and one and a half shelves of that are Terry Pratchett books. But, that is because between moving almost every semester of college, and then 2 other times in the last 4 years, I didn't feel like having a lot of books that I would have to pack and tote around. Libraries exist in the world for a reason! If I find myself checking out a book often to re-read it, or just really enjoyed it, then I will buy it. But, why should I take up valuable space in my apartment for something I'm never going to look at again, and will only touch again to pack it. Having lots of books doesn't make you a smarter, better person than somebody that only has a few books, and that level of literary elitism really bothers me. I'm not less of a voracious reader because I have no desire to have a fully stocked library full of books I will never read in my future house. I will have a small library of books that are well-loved, most of them dog-eared paperbacks (I can hear your gasps from here), I will go to the public library or my friends well stocked personal libraries for my other literary needs (and yes, I know, some public libraries are tiny, the one I live right next door is possibly smaller than my apartment, thank goodness for inter-library loan and e-books).

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