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Buzzfeed Quizzes almost don't make sense anymore

Have you noticed how many confusing quizzes there are? Maybe it’s the urge to make multiple ones a day that is kind of diluting the pool. I just checked today and there is this one: We Know If You Have An iPhone Based On The Emoji You Choose. Ok. I don’t know how that is really a quiz or how you could make a quiz about it. Which youtube sensation are you based on your zodiac sign? All their weird zodiac sign quizzes just seem even more arbitrary than how my favorite sandwiches determine who I would want to screw in the Twilight Saga. Like what is this shit? We Know Which Raccoon GIF Will Make You Happy Based On Your Zodiac Sign. They can also tell if If You’re A Virgin Based On A Single Question and that question is about hair. However they still do have illuminating quizzes, such as this one, telling me what obscure M&M flavor I am.

Which Obscure M&M’s Flavor Are You?

You got: White Chocolate Carrot Cake

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