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If Jeff Zucker is reading this or a member of his staff. Al Jazeera America is ending. Now Jeff here is what you must do. Get on bended knees and go to Ali Velshi by far your best host and analysis of the economy you had. Beg him to come back. CNN Money returns not on weekends like before but 9pm. Few on tv could explain what is happening in the economy better then him. Plus have Christine Romans coanchor, they were fantastic together before.

Scratch that with Christine Romans give her the 7pm slot, far better then Erin Burnett.

Anyone on staff from MSNBC if Zucker is too stupid to do this. Hire Velshi for 6pm. Rebroadcasting a Bloomberg show is just dumb. Also hire Betty Lui for 3 to 5 far better then Kate Snow. Betty Lui is on Bloomberg she is a more serious Robin Meade but similar in personality.


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