Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

And like a star going supernova, the hate post is no longer! Though I do have one final epic hate rant in me, so humor me if you will.


I hate that it's my boyfriend's birthday and he is sick. I hate that I had a shitty cross training test I needed to complete today while work backed up, meaning I missed lunch and need to work 5 hours this weekend. I hate that my poor, sick boyfriend drove us through all of Minneapolis and most of St. Paul and we could not find a place either of us wanted to eat at. I hate that we settled on the doucheville known as Uptown. I hate that the restaurant we chose had a 30 minute wait with a very full and loud bar and no seating for people just waiting to dine. I hate that I told my boyfriend we didn't need to stay because he looked tired and bedraggled, and I just wanted to put him into bed with some hot tea before sleeping but he had already paid for parking. I hate that he is home sick now. I hate that I am waiting for a pizza to make up for the night, because I AM STARVING! I hate that he didn't even get his birthday present today because he really needed to sleep at home so he wouldn't get me sick.

Is today done yet?

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