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Sorry but she is vile. I recall when she was on CNN on Larry King going after the carpenter in the Elizabeth Smart case accussing him of being kidnapper then when he was proven innocent she never apologized.

The mother of a missing child who.she badgered on live tv then the mother kills herself. I read Blitzer and Cooper tried to get her fired but ratings were too important.

Another long lasting vile thing was upending innocent until proven guilty. She pioneered the sadly now acceptable idea “innocent until proven guilty is only for the court of law not the court of public opinion”.


Anybody remember the novel Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens where he described women and men who would knit and gossip while heads were cut off that it was both a social activity and entertainment. Nancy reminds me of these characters.

I wonder how many lives she destroyed? One killed herself.

Sorry but I find her vile. At least there seems to be some new life in HLN. Except for Robin Meade, which I only watch when Carol Costello is not on CNN, even then its for a few minutes at a time.

I am excited about Erica Hill returning to HLN. Now they need to scrap Forensic Files. I wish HLN could go back to its roots with interactivity and be a 24 hour news channel. Maybe even bringing back CNN Money for the afternoon hours.


HLN needs to have Ali Velshi and Christine Romans cohost. I loooved their weekend financial show. Velshi is back and let’s face it he is brilliant and explaininga the economy in simple terms without coming across like a fool ie Jim Cramer. I so want him to have his own show,.daily with Romans. CNN is so under using her. She not Burnett should have had the 7pm hour.

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