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Bye Tom!

Quick Recap:

Tom is ridiculous. He is the worst. He doesn’t do his work and he’s a narcissist.

So today, Tom got fired, cause he continued to not do his work and generally be a ridiculous person. I was there when my boss was giving the pink slip. So, he starts lying and equivocating, and trying to pretend that he did is work. And that no one told him we were hiring our new chaplain, who is wonderful and Korean, and general other white man crazy.


So after the most emotionally exhausting 20 minutes of my life. He starts mansplaining to my boss about how she should run the company. Then he says in reference to our new chaplain, “Make sure you’re careful because those people can’t take direction, and think that they know everything. And can cause trouble.”

I have never wanted to punch someone so hard in my whole life.

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