Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I organized my gift closet last night and decluttered an entire trash bag worth of crap.


ETA: I used two hanging closet organizers (gift storage and random wrapping items like bows and gift tags sorting); a cute tall woven basket from Home Goods (for wrapping paper); and repurposed a hideous magazine rack that I always hated (it was a gift to Mr. Nom) and never had a home for in order to sort gift bags (kinda like this one, but mine is even uglier — thank god it’s serving a purpose behind closed doors now!). I also found a home for an old cork/dry-erase board by mounting it on the inside of one of the doors. I need to velcro a marker to it now. ~In theory~, I will make note of gift purchases on this.

And yeah, you’re damn right I stole half my ideas from Pinterest. Those people are crazy but also hella organized.

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