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Cabin Pressure!

I think this show has been getting a bit of exposure because of Benedict Cumberbatch (that's how I found out about it anyway).

It's wonderful! It's a BBC radio comedy about an airline with a single plane and a lot of oddball jobs. Benedict is fantastic as usual, but it's also lovely to have Roger Allam piping in with something sarcastic periodically in a deep baritone. And Anthony Head is in the later series!


I kinda sorta hope that they turn it into a tv series (it worked for the Mighty Boosh), because I'd love to see Benedict acting flustered, and there's so much potential for physical comedy.

But at the same time it's perfect as it is. It's so intimate listening in on the thought experiments the bored crew invent.

What do you think? Tv show or not? Any other radio comedy recommendations?

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