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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cake decorating help!

HAAAALP! I offered to make a cake for a party tomorrow and I want it to look really spectacular but I am not especially good at making or decorating cakes.

I bought funfetti mix and store frosting (I am usually anti- both, but I don't have time or patience to make anything from scratch tomorrow morning), so I just need help with decorating the outside. I have some colorful little circular sprinkles (rainbow), some blue sugar sprinkles (they look like tiny crystals), and some blue food gel for writing.


I was thinking about using an exacto to cut writing out of a piece of paper, and then putting that paper over the frosting and sprinkling the blue crystal-y sprinkles over it, so they go into the cutouts. And then using the blue gel to outline the words/maybe just do shadows or accents or whatever.

That's all I got. Anyone have any simple ideas that would be cuter?!

Also, is it easy to make rainbow cake? I want to try it but I hear it can be a real mess.

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