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Cake Fail... then, Victory??

MMMMMmaybe! Not picture pretty, but so tasty. That is big sister’s finger going in for the whooped crudding swipe....I didn’t even slap her!

Here’s Mothra’s cake!! (Martha Stewart) The inspiration cake.


Even though I thought the top was overkill, my cake had the sads because I ran out of whipped cream to plaster up the sides. I bow to the Original Inspiration~ (I still think the top is over the top)

16oz of cream wasn’t enough. Next time, I’ll whip 32oz.

Tips: Heavy Cream is basically the same as Whipping Cream, but the price difference is worth remarking on. I always buy Heavy Cream instead of Whipping Cream for that reason. Cold bowl & whippers make the best whooped crudding.


Victory!! Big Sister’s Husband, my brother in every way for 30 years to my brother~less self, sent his first text message to me tonight. On his flip~phone.


I am officially, fundamentally, truly fanning myself on my imaginary fainting couch. Grateful & brimming with love.

I know this is a selfish post. Any of you lovelies have some good news, too? xo

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