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California Arts Universities; Funding for Same...

I have 24 credits shy of a degree in a city I'm allergic to - after four years of exposure to black mold, I get sick whenever I visit. Plus I had to take a few leave of absences due to the stress, sickness, and depression.

So now I'm in a REALLY GOOD PLACE, and I think I'm ready to go back to school.

I'm sure my family is totally tired of my failures/ seemingly random and unplanned decision making process / perpetually $10 short of a budget / unemployed state / etc, but I believe I can get funding from my Native American band.


I don't really know where to start with that. I guess I should call them?

Should I figure out if I can actually GO back to school first?

I have a friend who helps people get their degrees and he suggests folding my BA credits into an MA or an MFA, with permission from whatever university I want to go to. This feels like the right thing to do — only a few more years for a little bit more.


Is there anyone here who's another Native person who knows about funding these things, or that knows some good arts programs in Cali, or has some Important Thoughts?

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