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HOLLA! The summer has just started, but it feels like it is flying by. I blinked, and our vacation is next week. The fam and I are heading to my BFF’s house in Pasadena, CA for a week of reindeer games. Any recommendations on what would be fun to see/do with 4 nerdy adults, 1 ten year old, and 1 eight year old with some mobility issues?

I think we are going to do Universal CA one day. BFF’s husband is an honest-to-dog rocket scientist, so we got tix to the JPL open house so we get to see that which is totally awesome (got to have a behind the scenes tour when I was in their wedding- it was SOOOOO AMAZING).

But I kinda don’t even know where to begin for touristy stuff? Are those bus star tours worth it? Can we just go to Beverly Hills and wander around where the rich people are? Every time I have visited her in the past, it’s been just me, and I was more interested in hanging out with her than going to do typical L.A. touristy stuff, but I think it will be fun to do the touristy stuff this time.


Totally unrelated, but I watched Mamma Mia over the long weekend, so I’ve had ABBA on repeat ever since. So of course that sent me down the rabbit hole of ABBA gifs. Having 100% less Drumph coverage and 100% more disco goodness has really lifted my mood. I recommend it.

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