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Call for graphic designers or creative types: I've got my panties in a bunch

Hello wonderful jeze-verse.

Today instead of working for things for my real job while I'm at work, I'm doing some catching up on my start-up that one of my close friends and I are hoping to launch a Kickstarter to fund at the end of September. Long story short: we're creating a lingerie line that actively markets and advertises to/for women of all sizes and ages and we need help with a logo design. We really can't pay a ton (ideally we'd pay you in pairs of incredibly comfortable ethically produced cotton panties once we start manufacturing) but you would be contributing to what we feel is a real political movement within the lingerie industry. I'm posting a much longer explanation of our start-up's mission below but I just wanted to crowdsource for advice on how to either a) make my own logo b) get recommendations someone to help us with ideas/branding c) find a creative artist on here that is willing to take a crack at it out of the goodness of their lentil-eating, bra-burning, jezebel heart.


More on the start-up: We are two women in our early twenties who think there is no reason why a 27 year old can't go underwear shopping with her 65 year old mother. We're trying to fill a hole between neon rhinestone thongs that say eat me on the crotch and 5 pack high waist old lady briefs from Walmart (no judgement on either of these fronts, we just think the binary is a little ridiculous). Our sketches and models include women ranging from a six six to a size 22 (for now, will expand when we get more $$ for more sketches) cellulite, rolls, and blemishes included. Basically we want to market to all of the women to whom Victoria Secret doesn't. We don't feel like we're being taken seriously as real human beings who are not models but still have to wear underwear 24/7 and have real money to spend on that, and so we're going to create a business that does just that.

On top of that we're promising accessible pricing and ethical manufacturing. Because it's a little crazy to build a start-up based on principles of respect and inclusivity and then exploit the people who are sewing them.

We know we aren't going to make any money on this. We're just aiming to break even and find a way to stop giving our money to people who refuse to treat us like adults and accept that people outside of fashion's beauty ideals want to look good and feel good in their underwear too.

ETA: You all are amazing. Seriously. I sound like a cornball but it was great to come back from my lunch and see all of this positivity and support. Thank you for being such a wonderful community of posters.

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