So I managed to work out a plan by which I'll be able to go on vacation from the 10th of May until the 19th and only take off 5 days of work. Which is great!

Now for the actual destination. I asked this question a while back, and I know most people recommended New Orleans instead of Austin, Texas. But the Cardinal still really wants to go to Austin, so I thought maybe we could see both.

Right now, it'll be about $500 per person to go to Austin and back, or $600 a person to go to New Orleans and back, or $900 per person to do both by plane. It's not impossible to rent a car and drive from one to the other. If I do that, it's just under $600 to fly into Austin and out of New Orleans, and probably about $200 each to rent the car.

So we really save nothing by driving when you factor in the rental, insurance, hotel stay for the intervening night and then, of course, the loss of time.

But ugh — this is so hard. What would you guys recommend?