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Call for weekend losers

I hate when people ask me what I’m doing for the weekend. Chances are - nothing.

Sometimes I will bluntly say things like .. I’d love to be invited when you do things like X and Y. But people don’t think like that. I saw on FB that one friend was going to a concert literally one block from my house - didn’t invite me. I get that most of my friends are married/kids, but still.

Example: today my friend tells me she’s so excited because an old grad school friend is coming to visit. And she’s going to a party for new faculty (note, when I was hired, I was not invited because I’m not tenure track) and she’s doing a thing at her kid’s school and they have a birthday party and what am I doing?


Nothing. I am doing nothing. Maybe I will go to Zumba class or to a dance performance tomorrow night - by myself. Next weekend I’m working. It’s a horrible cycle because then I feel all rejected and hurt and that makes me bitter and who wants to invite middle-aged bitter girl?

ugh. help me.

Edited to add: Believe me when I say I invite people to do things. Often they are already booked with couple/kid things. Often they don’t want to do things I want to do - book readings, plays, dance performances, art shows. I tend to go for cheap/free and they want to go out to eat which is fine sometimes, but it gets $$$.

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