Yeah, yeah. I know. There's some sort of no call outs rule on groupthink. For the good of the community, I'll have to risk it. Because I'm pretty sure we can all agree an exception needs to be made in this case because know who you are...needs to be called out for introducing me (and perhaps you) to the evilly addicting /r/relationships.

I CANNOT STOP GOING TO THAT DAMN SUBREDDIT! I NEED MY UPDATES FIX!!! It's started affecting my real life relationships.*

I am now all too familiar with the phrases trickle-truthing and gaslighting (although as far as I can tell gaslighting is pretty much interchangeable with lying on in relationships and the commenters should really see the Ingrid Bergman classic Gaslight for a more nuanced understanding of the term.) And the comments are the worst best WORST. With their extreme paranoia and "brilliant" plans to somehow catch cheaters. Sometimes the advice is so brilliant I can't manage to wrap my brain around it.

In conclusion, I have learned the following from /r/relationships:


1. if you have the slightest suspicion he/she is cheating on you/taking advantage of you/after your money even though you don't have any, it's true and probably worse than you could imagine and you should break up;

2. all relationships are doomed;

3. get a paternity test;

4. call a lawyer; and

5. there's a often referenced subreddit called /r/deadbedrooms that actually exists. Although I have not been brave enough to read it. Yet.


*Hyperbole. But only because I gave up all real life relationships.

**Not the actual worst but some of them are pretty much the worst.