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Here are some concrete actions to take in the wake of incessant gun violence and white nationalist terrorism.

1. Contact your Senator. I will be calling mine tomorrow, so that the staffer can hear my voice (although DiFi is a leader on this issue, so I don’t actually need to yell at anyone, but I think it’s more effective when they hear your voice). Email and Resistbot are also good options. Here is the script:

Hi, my name is [name] and I’m a constituent in [city, zip code].

I’m calling today regarding to the shootings in El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy, and the daily mass shootings we’ve had in 2019. I would like [Senator] to support Minority Leader Schumer’s call to convene an emergency session in the Senate to vote on HR 8 (universal background checks) and HR 112 (closing the Charleston loophole). These bills were passed in the House in February, and Senator McConnell refuses to bring to the Senate floor [N.B. you can call him #MoscowMitch if you want]. I would also like the Senate to take up S184, the Gun Violence Prevention Research Act. Once these bills are on the Senate floor, I expect [Senator] to vote yes on all three. McConnell has brought the Senate back from recess for less pressing issues.


If your Senator is a Dem: I expect [Senator] to do everything in his/her power to hold up regular Senate business by whatever legislative tactics necessary until these bills are brought to a vote.

If Republican: I expect [Senator] to pressure McConnell to bring these bills to floor. What will it take for [Senator] to act in the face of such violence? Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Thank you for your time and attention.

(Call Script modified from Celeste Pewter on Twitter)

2. This is trickier, and I fully understand why this is not possible for people. If it is feasible, though, I encourage you do to do so. Boycott places that sell guns. Walmart sells guns. While they no longer sell assault-style weapons, they are considered the world’s largest gun retailer. This also means boycotting their subsidiaries, such as ModCloth.

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