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Called the Cops, UPDATE: Better Now

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NO MAINPAGING durr. Anyway, I heard a funny noise outside. I was watching Doctor Who and there was a noise so I paused to see if I could hear what it was. It sounded like a pneumatic thingy that takes the lugnuts off of tires, like they have at garages. Well, that's an odd noise to hear at 2am in a city on a dark, mostly abandoned corner in a neighborhood that has a lot of vehicle break-ins and car thefts, right on the edge of gang territory 3 blocks from an interstate onramp. NOTHING SUSPICIOUS HERE.


I thought about opening the window but that would 1) require unlocking my window when I'm a bit freaked and 2) actually open a window when it's cold outside. Instead, I got up and went to the door. I opened it and went out— no noise. I went back in, heard the noise again, went back out. It was like a pneumatic jack or... I don't know. It sounded like a jackhammer without the compressor/engine noise. I kept ducking in and out to try to ensure that no one could tell which unit had someone investigating the sound.

It was weird. But it was definitely there and definitely wrong.

So I called the non-emergency police number. I tried to describe the noise. I told her that whatever it was, it was very out of place for 2am and the area is poorly lit with a lot of car breakins. She asked if I went outside to check around, cause you know, 2am, dark area, funny noise, potential car stripping in progress within 50 yards— women should totes go past the security gate and look around.(This is clearly a standard question that they are required to ask* but still. Duh. No.)


She took my info and said that she would send a car around to check. In the past, this has taken hours and the police don't always call or ring the bell to say that they looked around and things seem fine. In fact, the only time the contacted me was the time that I reported someone laying on their horn in potential distress, since they needed to know which car in case the person passed out away from the horn.

Anyway, now I'm freaked out and cold and I feel stupid about being freaked out because seriously, brain, no one is doing anything that directly or indirectly threatens me.


I've tried texting Cute Boy Person but he's asleep and it didn't wake him up. I tried texting a friend who has a panic disorder that I'm always oncall for, but he didn't wake up either. TALK TO ME.

*The phone lady asked me if I'd done that on the night that a guy stood outside my security gate yanking it while ringing the doorbell and yelling "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE YOU BITCH!" Outside is precisely where I'm going to go right then.


UPDATE: My heart rate has gone down, at least. I'm starting to calm down but not enough to go to bed. This is the magic of pork ribs.

UPDATE 2: The power of pork compelled me and my brain chilled out. So I'm going to get to bed at 4am instead of 2am. Oh well.

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