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Calling all ADHD ladies

Hello everyone! I have another ADHD related question and since I’m looking for actual experiences from other women, I thought I’d ask here. Does anyone here use medication to manage their ADHD and what is your experience?

I had a talk with the psychiatrist yesterday and I got my prescription (holy shit I just learned that prescription isn’t typed perscription and that’s how I’ve always typed and said it and my mind is blown) and I’ll start testing it out next week. First we do a week without meds to check what symptoms I have then with meds. It’s only 2,5mg dextramphetamine which I’m learning is a low dosage so that’s good.
I’m suuuper nervous about testing it out. I know that these meds are used as drugs sometimes and that makes me iffy. I’m worried about feeling/acting like a different person, or that they’ll make my headaches worse or that I’ll feel so good I’ll overdo it and spend way more energy than I have and it’ll make my burnout worse. I have a tendency to get hyper focused when I’m working on something (art, writing or work related) and don’t take breaks (despite setting alarms) and I’ll surface after 2 or 3 hours with a way worse headache than I started and I’ll have to lay down for a few days to recover. I don’t want that to happen now and I’m scared that I won’t be able to ‘read’ my own energy levels as well as I’ve learned to (which I’m super bad at to begin with)


What is your experience?
The good, the bad, the not so pretty?

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