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Calling all crafty GTers!

I need help/advice! So I’m broke as fuck (not scary, luckily, because I have a place to live and I’m in that odd period in between graduation and first real job and have several leads but... it is what it is) and probably not going to be able to afford much for Christmas for Mr. Toad this year. The thing is, he really, really deserves something amazing. So I’ve decided to make something, which has been a big hit in the past.

We’re re-watching Community right now, and we just watched Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas (where they’re all claymation) and I want to make him ornament versions of the claymation characters: brittabot, ballerannie, troy soldier, etc. Here’s a pic:

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I have some experience with clay* but not that much, and mostly in the form of beads and tiny dollhouse objects. My biggest question is should I try to make each one just from white or light colored clay then paint them all, or make each individual detail from it’s own proper color? Any help with that, or any other aspect of this huge undertaking, would be appreciated!

*I know these things aren’t really clay, but since they won’t have moving pieces the way real claymation does I think it should be fine?

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