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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Calling all crones

I've been hanging around Gawker, etc. for years (I had stars! I miss my stars.) when I first joined the commentariat it was obvious to me that I was on the older side of the demographic. Have you seen The Butler? I remember everything, including Eisenhower.

I have been a liberal hippie feminist since kindergarten, but hanging around Jezebel has broadened my views considerably. Feminism 1.0 was different in many ways than it is today. Sometimes I think it's great, and sometimes I think not so much, but whatever. I can come here and learn about the perspective of younger adults. It informs the way I think about everything, and affects the way I dialogue with people in real life. Thank you for offering so much food for thought. It's good for my aging brain, and I've been able to pass different perspectives along to my older friends IRL. I'm carrying the message, y'all, blowing minds right and left. It's been so much fun!


That being said, age really does bring some good things, like patience and objectivity. I often bring my trials and tribulations here to be comforted and advised. I also enjoy sharing my experience, strength and wisdom and am glad I'm not the only older person here. I think we have a lot to offer from a unique perspective. I'm curious how many of us there are. Crones, if you don't mind, come forward. Where my wrinkly bitches at?

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