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Calling All English Grad Students! (Edited)

The Edit: Just had a long talk with my (incredibly supportive) dad. He said that he's going to help with the dual citizenship and helping me plan for Europe. One way ticket-just what I need. I'm emailing my professors and telling them that I'm just going away for a year because I have no clue what to do. Cliche as it sounds-I need to find myself. Even if it's in a pub in Dublin listening to rambling drunks (may be me rambling). Thank you all so much!

I committed myself to research today, but I'm juggling my personal statement as well. After a long period of pondering, I have settled on a goal of applying to an English program-attempting to do it my way.

Disclaimer: I am also considering (seriously) getting my dual citizenship and moving to Europe forever and tossing grad school out the window. I have the resources to do that, but I want a 'backup plan'.


So, I want to do English. I'm trying to write a personal statement that emphasizes my field of interest (creative nonfiction...reasoning being creative writing+nonfiction essays and stuff=creative nonfiction!). The reason I'm not looking into a journalism program is because I don't want to be a journalist.

No fucking clue if any of that makes sense.

So, question to my English graduate students/people who have graduated from an English program/people with jobs: what the hell am I getting myself into?

Also jobs. What are you doing? I want to be a writer. Which isn't saying a hell of a lot.


This is just to get letters of recommendation from my professors, not applying to graduate school itself. Also I am making a transition between History to English, so...if you did a different type of major as an undergraduate, what was the transition like?

And yes, I will be meeting with a professor in the grad school at my university. So, I got that going for me.

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