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Calling All Fans of Californication

I've just started watching this, and I'm only halfway through the first season. I might call it quits, but the female characters are good. My feelings:

* Hank's character is just so overdone: overgrown manchild; fucks anything with a single digit dress size and big boobs; wants the ex back but never bothered to get his shit together at the time she asked; is planning on stealing said ex away who is already engaged and SAID no; claims to have talent but everything gets fucked up; drinks too much; takes too many drugs, etc.

* All the women drop their pants for Hank no matter what. To a lesser extent the other male character too.


* The ex's fiance is supposed to be some boring guy who is reliable — the stereotype for all alternate male character before the woman figures it all out before the credits roll. Because, you know, "boring" people are the only people who can be responsible.

* Hank prides himself on being a selfish asshole. For some reason entertainment writers think this is amusing and funny. It's really not.

Does it get better?

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