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Welcome To The Bitchery

I want to make chocolate cupcakes with a bourbon fudge filling. I'll ice them with chocolate cream cheese frosting (because I have a whole bunch of cream cheese frosting in the freezer I want to use up). I know I could just fill them with the same thing I frost them with, but I don't want to! So I won't!

I've seen a whole bunch of recipes for lava cupcakes, and while those look DELICIOUS, I want to make something that will maintain it's structural integrity, and could be eaten without a fork. If I made those lava cupcakes, but didn't serve them warm, how would that turn out? My favorite of those recipes called for using frozen ganache balls inside the cupcake batter.


The other option is to make some sort of fudge and fill them post baking, which I'm totally down for. I've seen some recipes for fudge filling, but I'm wondering how easily I can just add bourbon to those recipes and have it still turn out? I want to go for the more oozy/bourbony the better, but still able to be transported and eaten while people are standing.

I'm also kind of into filling with a bourbon caramel?

What do y'all think? Any good recipes? How about just your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe?

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