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Calling all GT Legal-Type-Persons


Ok, so here's the situation. I recently accepted an offer on my house. I own this house with my ex - and it's not really a "house," it's a three-flat. My ex is moving out of state, and has basically cleared out his unit, which is the nicest of the three units. Closing should happen on Wednesday. However, he just told me that the buyers have still not secured the money to purchase the house. Seriously? Three days before closing and you still haven't secured the funds? WTF? Here's where it gets even WTFier. Ex is still planning on letting them move into his unit on Wednesday. I am livid. I have expressed that I do not approve of this, and that I think it's a bad idea. He's letting it happen anyway. So, here's my question for the Legal-Eagles: If these deadbeats move in and then never secure funding to purchase the property, what happens? How difficult will it be to get them out of the property? What are the implications regarding putting the property back on the market? I feel like this could end really, really badly, and this is the last thing I need right now. I know that if it doesn't end well I will be the one to handle the situation since he is moving out of state. I'm so pissed I could scream.

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