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Calling All Hiddles Fans

So, my imaginary boyfriend, Zachary Levi, has this thing he does at San Diego Comic Con. His company, Nerd Machine, puts on these panels at what they call Nerd HQ. (Apparently, there are also parties and things for the convention-goers.) Last year, they held Nerd HQ at Petco Park, where the Padres play baseball. There was a screening of Firefly on the screen in center field, with viewers sitting on blankets in the outfield, and Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were there, too. They also have signings and photo opportunities, and everything benefits Operation Smile. Their panels are more intimate than the ones at official Comic Con, and the subjects are more relaxed in their interactions with the fans. The conversation is led by the audience, with some great questions that don't yield the usual answers. The conversations are streamed live to the rest of us who can't be there. Last year, we were granted what is perhaps the best thing ever:

It includes Tom Hiddleston's RAPTOR IMPRESSION.

Apparently, it takes quite a bit to put this stuff on. It's great stuff in a great venue for a great cause. Nerd Machine is doing an Indiegogo thing to raise funds to put it on, and keep it free. I ask you, watch that Tom Hiddleston interview and then decide what you would pay to see something like that again. And then donate that amount. I wish I could give more. It certainly deserves more. Here's a link to the donation site. There's a video that explains it more.


Help my imaginary boyfriend bring us more conversations with all our other imaginary boyfriends. And check out all the other panels they've done. It's quite a wormhole to get lost in.

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