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Oh yes, it is going to happen. Why? Because I love any excuse for a party. Also, because I said so, dammit.

I'm trying to hit you people up far, far in advance of the next meetup so that all the appropriate calendar clearing and strategizing can take place at our leisure and (hopefully) ensure the greatest number of GT people in one place at once.


Right now, there are two weekends that seem good (or at least, seemed good when I blindly jabbed a finger at my calendar):

Saturday 3/22 or Sunday 3/23

Saturday 3/29 or Sunday 3/30

Casa de Smithwell will be open once again, as no one turned out to be an axe murderer or kleptomaniac last time. Bradbury & Salinger seemed to be pretty good furry ambassadors. But totally open on ideas/locations/times, alternative dates etc.

One brilliant (ly awful?) idea I had on my way to work was the idea of a Storytelling Potluck Picnic. Since so many of us are (a) good writers and (b) funny as shit, I thought it would be a fun activity (could potentially be made kid friendly, or we can introduce alcohol and I can teach everyone my favorite college game: Fuck You Storytime). This is also a selfish idea, as I need a deadline and audience to review my latest work in progress: The Incredible Adventures of Feline Frenzy & Kitten Kaboom.

Here is a random picture that I pulled up when I Googled "narrative ducks":

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