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If anyone’s willing to help explain a bit, I’m confused about what happened with Kesha’s injunction denial. Can anyone put this into legal context? The article on the MP is kind of lacking for a pleb like me. Here was my take: Kesha was filing the injunction with a “Supreme court” of NY’s circuit (but it’s actually not even the highest possible court in NY?...is this a criminal court or civil or what even idk LAW) to get them to void the contract she has with Sony and Dr. Luke while the lawsuit about that very contract was being disputed (i.e. she wasn’t actually fighting against the contract at this particular injunction but asking for some kind of temporary exit so she can have her career back while it’s being decided who will own her career...ugh). The judge denied the request, meaning if she wants to record now she can do it only with Sony (with some justification that they’ve offered her, recently, the opportunity to work with someone besides Dr. Luke). She is claiming this is too damaging in general and the judge/ Sony aren’t willing to let her part completely; only now from Dr. Luke. so what I’m wondering really is WTF IS GOING ON?!?!? Can she still take her injunction to a higher court...or does she have to proceed with a different kind of trial altogether that rules on the contract’s status entirely...LAWYERS/ ppl much smarter than me HALP!!


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