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Calling all menstrual cup users

So the Prophet and I hit on an idea for a sort of children's book style book about menstrual cups. We plan to begin work on it over the summer, but one thing we need before we can commence work is the thoughts and opinions of women who use cups. So, in order to help the project along, we want to know how you feel.

What do you like best about your menstrual cup as opposed to tampons/pads? Do you choose it to the exclusion of tampons and pads, or in conjunction with them?

Do you wish they had been more readily available when you were younger?

How would you describe the feeling of using a menstrual cup? By this I don't mean how it feels to have one inside you, although please talk about that if you would like, but how do you feel in an emotional well-being sense?


If you have daughters, would you encourage them to choose a menstrual cup over other options?

Is there anything I'm absolutely failing to ask that you think is important for us to know about menstrual cups before we begin?

Thanks for your time and answers, everybody. We really appreciate

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