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Calling all Moms! (&Dads) Advise me!!! (open kid thread)

A Baby Shower for Mr. 4th’s God~daughter (his dearest cousin’s child) is coming up. I was not invited (yay!) & have never met her, as they live 4.5 hours away. Mister’s Sisters are going & I’d like to send gifts.

I already ordered 2 things from her registry which are being shipped directly to her. This and these. Some of you know that me & Mr. 4th like to cook, so we decided to support her baby food making endeavors. It just doesn’t feel like enough...


So, I went down the baby food rabbit hole and found this thing:

What do you think? Have any of you used such a thing? Do you think a regular food processor/full sized blender (if she owns one) would make this redundant? She didn’t register for this but I’m thinking it might be useful & easier to clean? Should I just order something else from her registry?

Advice please. Lurkers welcome. If anyone else needs baby advice or has baby~type tips, come on ovah here!


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