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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Calling all Mortgage Gurus

Stopped by to ask my question and saw the debt consolidation question below. I guess it’s Jez finance day? Ha!

My husband and I are probably going to have to buy a house in the next couple of months, and we’re going to use the VA loan for a 30-year mortgage. We’re first time home buyers, so this is out first time in the land or mortgages and mortgage lending. I’ve heard people speak about using reputable local mortgage lenders. I’ve had friends swear by getting good deals through the large national banks. My dad swears by his credit union. Other friends say apply to several and see who gives you the best rate (ie, that’s all that matters).


What do you think? Big bank? Local mortgage lender? Credit union? Whoever gives the best rate? I don’t know if this changes anything, but since he’s in the military, we’re going to have to sell in 2.5 years.


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