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Am I alone in being so damned tired of genre fiction for the male gaze??

I grew up on Star Trek. On Xena, and Buffy, and The Golden Compass, and Sabriel, and Kushiel’s Legacy. Not all of them uniformly perfect (Buffy does not hold up super well) but basically, I’m a big ol geek. Fantasy is my thing.

So here I am looking for something to watch and I’ll admit, I’d like some hunky guys, some sexy stuff, and also magic and swords and complex world building. And the options - once you veto content with sexual assault - are not great! Or they are male power fantasies - I like Chris Evans as much as the next lady, but it’s not like the MCU is designed for women. And, you know, I’d like a little queerness, and diversity. Not just throwaway lines and overshadowed characters.


Meh. Not an original thought, I’ll grant you. I may have to wait until the possible Kushiel’s Legacy tv series. But if you have any recs for sexy shows/movies with lots of consent and magic and real live women, that would be great.

PS also I shared my tattoo with the author of one of those series... been waiting so long to be able to do that...

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