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Hey, I’m a pretty good (anonymous & real life) Auntie but I’m stumped. Me & Mr. 4th plucked a tag off the Salvation Army tree at a restaurant last week. Here’s the actual tag~

This one spoke to me so hard even though it was the first one I read. Even Mr. 4th smiled & said, “Yea. I know you. That’s the one.”


I’ve got the Art Supplies ( not just “art set” nope, no) and the clothes covered. I need your help with 3 things:

1. Recommend an age appropriate microscope & other “science related toys.” So many of you here have a science background & I want your advice.

2.) While I know what to do for clothes, I DON’T know what the cool brands are for 11 year old girls. What is the “must have” store brand for her? I know this seems shallow, but remember trying to fit in in middle school. It matters.


3.) “Age appropriate toys.” Do 11 year old girls still play with toys? I plan to get books & a piece of costume jewelry, but what toys are your girls interested in?

I know some of you have that person who is hard to give a gift to. Ask your own questions here! Thanks, GT~


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