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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Calling all personal anecdotes!

Anyone out there in Groupthink Land have experience with getting a breast reduction? I decided that I am serious about looking into having one and I'm wondering what other people's experiences were.

Specifically, I'm looking for any Canadian Jezzies who have experience navigating the provincial health care system where they are from (I'm in Ontario), but any other anecdotes are welcome.


Did you scar badly? How was the healing period/pain? For moms or future moms, did you get the surgery done before or after you had children, and did you experience any breastfeeding issues? Did you lose sensation in your nipples? And, this might be TMI, but how big were you before you decided to get a reduction? What made you decide surgery was the best or only course of action? Overall, was it a good decision?

I'm 29 and currently a 30G/H. My breasts don't sag very much (which I attribute to youth and never having breastfed) but they are oppressively uncomfortable. I am a dancer and it's gotten to the point where I feel like my breasts are impeding my ability to be active and dance. Plus I can't find appropriate dance wear that comes close to containing the girls. So I've pretty much decided I want and need a reduction, but I'm curious to hear from women who've gone through it.

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