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Calling all Philadelphians: interested in a meetup?

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It seems that many GT people are taking this internet fun into the real world. I admit, I am intrigued.


How many Philadelphians are on GT, anyway? Are you interested in getting together over some drinks and snacks? Lagers and cheesesteaks? Citywide and banh mi? Coffee and federal donuts? Ale and chocolates shaped like the Liberty Bell with a disturbingly dedicated Ben Franklin impersonator?

Respond if you're interested, and suggest days you're free in the next two weeks and places you love. I think an evening get together is best, so we can drink.


I'll go first: Mondays and Tuesdays are no good for me, but all other days are fine. I think El Vez would be pretty sweet place to meet because it's not-too-pricey, serves tasty food, is centrally located, and has margaritas. I am totally up for suggestions, of course.

Let's do it!

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