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Calling All Venturoos!

Doesn't matter if you're OSI, Team Venture, Order of the Triad participant, a Guild of Calamitous Intent member, The Sovereign, part of The Revenge Society, connected to Conjectural Technologies, a hench, or even sitting on The Council of 13-get your damn ass to Gargantua-2!

Yes, Doc and Jackson are giving us the fix we (And maybe Action Johnny) crave: A special. But not just any special.


A SPACE SPECIAL! Tune in on January 19th, OR ELSE.

You may remember the Gargantua-1 disaster from Careers in Science and Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? Well, she got a facelift. Trailer:

Aware that iO9 posted about it already.

Anyways, just thought I'd rave and fangirl out. I may recap the episode myself, even though that's probably done on iO9 or something.


Whatever. Let's bide our time by worshipping this brilliant Dr. Girlfriend cosplay. I want it.

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