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Calling All Warm Weather Folk Re: Fall Fashion

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Fall fashion is usually my jam. I love the sweaters, I love the layering, I love the tweed and jackets and all stereotypical things. Problem is...I'm going to be in a warm country for most of fall and winter.I have a question for people in places like LA where it's warm year-round because I know they will be up at this time: how do you express fall fashion in perpetually warm weather?I've never lived in a place without extreme seasons, and I'm worried how I'm going to handle it.Tell me all your secrets to seasonal dressing without seasons. I can imagine it's a real skill when most places are hawking chunky sweaters.

EDIT: I am sorry not to clarify things: I'm going to Senegal in Africa. It's a place where it's not burning hot, but it's still pretty warm year-round as you'd expect in an African country.I hope that's useful if anyone wanted to know.


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