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Calling anyone with HR experience!

So as part of the long, fantastic and terrifying process of Coming Out, obviously I need to inform my employer and colleagues and figure out a way of managing my workplace transition. Basically, I’m bricking it because I have no idea how to go about this, or even if I’m ready to transition at work yet. I have a designated HR contact whom I’ve never met or spoken with, and a line manager from within my department who I see about once a month, and I can arrange to have a confidential conversation with either (or both) to discuss personal matters such as, you know, being transgender and similar stuff.

If anyone on GT has some experience in corporate HR, could you please give me some kind of clue as to the best way of handling this? My current thinking is that it’s best to go on record about this as early as possible so I’m legally protected even if I can’t actually transition at work yet, but I have no idea what to expect or what my obligations are! If it helps, I work for a very large multinational firm that, despite our image, seems to place a high value on diversity and inclusion. Really guise I’m just at a complete loss here - I have no idea how to handle this and I guess I really need someone to point me in the right direction, or away from the wrong direction, so I don’t end up fucking up my career.


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