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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Calling board gamers! (and present advice OT!)

Hi yall - I am hoping you can help me with a present for my sister. It’s her birthday and she and her boyfriend have just moved in together in a new city, and we are thinking about getting them a board game they (and maybe new friends) could both enjoy.

They are both a little nerdy - the sort of “its cool now!” run of the mill fantasy nerds than anything else. We arent talking people who are playing Magic the Gathering, but they love Harry Potter and Name of the Wind and have gone to board game nights at local bars. They are both people who have disposable income so often times they get what they want anyway (for instance, my first thought was the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, but they have that). My second thought was Tak (from NOTW) but its a little expensive.


So what might a good board game be? Ideally under about 25 dollars and something that might not be super popular already (I don’t need to get them Settlers of Catan). Tell me what yall are loving to play right now.

And of course - what presents are you shopping for lately? or what great presents have you gotten that you’d like to brag on?

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