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Calling BS on Angelina Jolie and Producers Explanation

Angleina Jolie amd casting crew found children in Cambodia in slums, orphanages and circuses. There were some who were not impoverished

The explaination is that when they tested these children gave them money asked them what they wanted to do with it then money was snatched from the child eliciting a response. Jolie and producer says it was all improv..


Sorry I say BS. Many of these kids are impoverished. Do they really grasp that its make believe? I would think there are few if any acting classes that children had that would have taught improv.

There was a case granted of a four year old in a movie Sophie’s Choice (I assume all saw it) the prduction was well on its way and the child was in many scenes already. She never could comprehend that infamous scene was not real. Every time they redid the scene she thought it was real.

She never acted again although she did some acting in high school she never wanted it again.

I am not saying these children are mentally four but for most improv especially involving money would not be a concept they would be familiar with. Especially for the young girl who said it would go for her grandfather’s funeral then reacted when money was removed.


I would think if you wanted honest reactions these children would be told nothing about it being not real. The object is to elicit a reaction. Would you really get an honest reaction from a child who believes scene is fake with no acting lessons let alone experience. Also for kids this impoverished would they even comprehend its fake since it involves money. They may but why take a chance and have them despair.

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