Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I cut and dye my hair as a form of self-care and boy do I need some right now (hello finals), so I need help from the faux redheads (or former faux redheads) of Groupthink.

(Winnifred Sanders approves.)

My regular hair is a light-to-middle blond with slightly ashy lowlights, and I'm looking to get a deeper auburn shade - sort of a mix between cinnamon and red with just a hint of orange? Here, take a gander at one of Christina Hendricks' varied shades of red:

Illustration for article titled Calling Fake Redheads

A shade or two darker and browner, I'd think - every picture I find is either too orange or too brown - but that's pretty close to the results I got from the dye I used before (a few years ago, so I can't really remember what it was, unfortunately.) I was able to maintain that color for quite a while all on my own, but eventually had to bleach it out for a role in some play or another. I'm trying to avoid mahogany, as I did that once and it faded all hideous-like and I ended up with deep purple-red roots and gingery ends.

I don't intend to bleach at all (I've never had to before) and I'm chopping a good three inches to make sure everything's mostly healthy. I was a redhead ages ago, so I know some of the things, but I'm sure a lot of my know-how's gone poof to make room for all of this linguistic theory crap.

Any tips? Favorite brands? Favorite color-safe shampoos? Best dry shampoo? Add dye to conditioner? Don't add dye to conditioner? I'm all ears!

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