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Calling Gardeners!!

I must make a confession: I do not know anything about gardening or growing plants. Asshole used to tell me that I killed everything I touched and it was a wonder the Bots lived long enough to be born. This was a"joke."

But I have really internalized the idea that I'm not good with keeping things alive, beyond simply not know much about them. So, the fact that the sunflower seedling that Megabyte gave me for mother's day is not only still alive, but about as tall as I am and has palm-sized flower on it now is a major shock. I would like to keep it happy and growing. So, here's the thing: its leaves are all over yellow spots, and they always have been, pretty much. I don't see any evidence of bugs on it, but still, yellowy spots that worry me. Now that it has proven its ability to live by producing an actual bloom, I feel like it may actually be possible to keep it alive.

So, what do I do about the spots? Despite the flower's height, the stem is only about a quarter to half inch in diameter, is that something I should be bothered by? It's in a pot with a marigold, a wax begonia, and some kind of pink, simple flower that has completely taken over and is threatening to smother the begonia and the marigold. (OK, "threatening to" is perhaps not accurate. "Already has" might be more in line with the truth.) Is the evil pink flower (I thought they were peonies, but evidently peonies have LOTS of petals, and these don't. These are a little trumpet like a morning glory, but they bloom all day, so not morning glories) stealing nutrients from the sunflower and making it sad? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.


Also, I have cherry tomato plants and mini-pepper plants that are still really small and not producing in another pot, so I figure they need thinning? How do I determine who lives and who dies? I feel like the capricious tomato god.

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