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Calling Qualitative Researchers! (I know you're out there!!)

And other people who know how to present on qualitative research!

I'm preparing a guest lecture about my Master's research (I'm now in my PhD), and I am totally blocked. Does anyone have advice on how to present for an hour about qualitative research in an engaging way?


I took a class last year on teaching, and we designed guest lectures for that. We chose a topic, and taught a class, and we incorporated class activities, discussions, and some kind of media - a couple of videos, songs, that sort of thing. I have no clue what to do when all of the information I'm presenting on is my own, though. I don't have any media that I can show them that is directly connected to my research, and I can't figure out how to do an in-class activity. I have done a coding activity once in a qual methods class before (by giving the students some of my data), but I'm nervous to try that in this class, which is not a methods one - it's a third year class too, so there is a good chance some or all of the students haven't had an advanced qual methods class before.

Any tips, advice, ideas? Stories about presenting your own research? If all else fails I can just talk for 50 minutes and open it up for questions, but I would like to be more interactive if possible!


It also feels self-centred to talk about my research for that long. A lot of this will end up being "I" statements - when I practice, it's like "it's difficult to recruit from a stigmatized and criminalized population, so I did this" and I'm worried it comes off as "GOOD FOR ME BEING BRILLIANT", y'know? My actual findings are not generalizable (obviously) so I feel like the main value will be in learning what doing this research is like, but then it feels like talking about myself too much.

If you know of any good qual research presentations that are on YouTube or otherwise immortalized, please let me know, that would be helpful too!


This photo showed up when I Google Image searched 'qualitative methods', so here ya go.

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