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Welcome To The Bitchery

As we’ve recently learned, calling your representatives is effective. I know we’re all angry, exhausted, sad, etc...but we cannot stop fighting for our democracy. It’s up to us, the people, to now lead this charge and fortunately, a lot of this work can be done with a short phone call.

Step 1:
If you don’t already have this info, you can get a quick list of your reps by texting your zip code to 520.200.2223.

Step 2:
Use a script to make this quick & painless. Here’s the one I’m using today from Indivisible Austin with regard to fast-tracking nominees:
“I’m calling to ask what the Senator is doing about cabinet appointees such as Rex Tillerson and Betsy DeVos who have not completed financial disclosure forms or undergone background checks. In the Office of Government Ethics’ 40-year history, the Senate has never held a confirmation hearing before the nominee’s ethics review was complete. The Senator cannot fulfill his Constitutional duty if he doesn’t fully understand potential conflicts of interest. Can you tell me what the Senator is going to do about this?”

Step 3:
Keep a list of scripts by your side to hammer your reps on the daily. I know there are a ton of wonderful scripts out there, but again, I’m going to reference Indivisible Austin for having a bunch of nice, short, compact scripts:


Step 4:
Do not fucking give up. We cannot afford to lose this fight.

As another Group Thinker pointed out last week, The Indivisible Guide is the perfect starting point for scripts, finding groups to join and explaining how the process of resistance works.

It is time to rise up, people! (And now I’m going to toggle back and forth between Andra Day & the Hamilton soundtrack for the rest of the day...)

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