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Callousness in Our Nation Is Inexcusable tw death, cancer







Two stories read in last hour displays a level of deep seeded callousness thatis becoming to abundent.


Article one about Dr Kelli Ward who ran and lost against McCain in 2016 primary and believes he should step down and the governor should give her his seat. Ok what kind of Doctor is she? Makes me wonder if she takes jewelry, money and gold fillings from dying patients. She is a ghoul.

Story two out of the capital of Stand Your Ground the state of Florida 5 teens record themselves laughing at a disabled man drowning. The state at most can charge them for not reporting a death. That’s it.

So in Florida its a more serious crime to steal traffic signs then to make event some attempt to save a person. I am not saying legally they should have jumped in but how about running for help. If you cannot run for physical reasons screamjng for help. Something. Laughing and deliberately doing nothing should be a crime. It shows gross indifference that should be a crime. I read elsewhere they will charge them for not reporting a death. They had a cell phone they could have called 911 any time even if they had to run to get to a signal.


Just the other day I was thinking “my God if The Day After actually happened it would have been better then one day having Trump as president then I thought myself an idiot and guilt for thinking that”. Right now not so sure.

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